MY VISION: Positive Influence

Everyone needs a fit friend to support them to become their absolute best. I am passionate about starting this blog to share my favorite things in life, including: fitness, nutrition, and regeneration techniques. I hope to inspire and educate an unlimited amount of people to live a forever-fit lifestyle.

I have an Exercise Science degree, certifications, and many years of experience in training individuals of all different backgrounds. Fitness is an outfit that looks different on everyone. There is always something to change in order to become stronger. Change is the essence of life and you must be willing to surrender who you are currently for who you could become. I promise to post anything and everything I find interesting in my field of expertise to help you learn and grow in your own journey for health and happiness.

I am offering online services for those of you who are ready to learn more about how to reach your specific goals. What drives me is the feeling I get seeing my clients proud of the results of their hard work and dedication to the program. Often times, I find the only thing holding you back is yourself and education on how to change your current state of fitness. I have a positive outlook on people's capabilities to achieve anything. When you decide to BELIEVE that the future can be better and invest in an educated trainer to create an appropriate fitness program that will safely and effectively achieve your goals, you will find success.

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